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Day 176: Rooibos me up Scotty

Yesterday was a day full of firsts. When we arrived back on Thursday night we had discovered the new high chair that daddy had bought for Lo-Lo. So we used that for the 1st time yesterday. It was great. At … Continue reading

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Day 146: 21 today

Weeks of course. You’re just under 8kg and you’re wearing 6-9 month clothing. Last week’s swimming lesson saw you go under water for 3 seconds and you came up without much fussing. You have 4 naps a day (9am-10am, 12-2pm, … Continue reading

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Day 98: A rose by any other name

Holy Fudge Balls Batman! Lo-Lo is 14 weeks today! I can’t believe it. And yes I am going to celebrate every week. If we have another I’m sure it will all change. Not that the newer child will be ignored … Continue reading

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Day 83: Project #SkinnySkint Part 2: Food Shopping

I tend to shop in supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tescos. My general shop is the same most weeks and isn’t that expensive. What seems to get me is the ‘extras’ that I literally pick up when I’m in store. The … Continue reading

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Day 55: babygirl outfits

I generally dislike pink. But that’s all you can find for babygirls! And get that ‘princess’ rubbish away from me. At this age when they are tiny and everything should look super cute on them I find myself disinterested in … Continue reading

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Day 39: The girl is moving on up!

So of course like good parents we’ve been weighing our daughter obsessively to make sure she’s gaining weight well. Later on in life I’m sure it’ll be a typical girl response of wanting to lose weight even though she’s fine, … Continue reading

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