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1y9m: into his own bed

Everyone chooses different times to move their babies into their own bed. W Lolo, we moved her around 1y9months because we needed her to get used to sleeping in her own bed well before the baby arrived. We didn’t want … Continue reading

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1y4m: From sac to duvette!

Who really knows when it’s the right time to do certain things with your kids. AJ’s been drinking Actimel out of the pots on his own without spilling for the last month, but I know much older kids that still … Continue reading

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Day 128: The turning of the pram

It’s been tough the last few weeks. Lo-Lo’s been in her lie flat pram, facing me since birth but recently… well, let’s just say she’s not really fitting anymore. She’s always been long but her head has been touching the … Continue reading

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