10 months: Kisses

So. I’m away right now on a training course w work. Hubby is looking after both kids in the morning, taking them to the Childminder’s and picking up after work. Very proud of my modern day hubby.
I got a text this morning to say:
‘Btw way, I just kissed him after he finished his bottle, and he kissed me back 3 times, proper kisses. Very cool
Then he licked my nose’

Too cute!

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10m: our first tooth

It’s taken AJ forever. But it appears we have our first tooth. Bottom set on the left. He’s been demolishing sandwiches like a beast so watch out, now he really means business. Were there any signs? Not really. I was just saying yesterday to a friend. Even with your second, you’re still never 100% when they’re teething and when you’re going to see a tooth. Yesterday was a pretty normal and ungrouchy day, guess most of the movement happened before, but who really knows when. I wonder if they will come in fours like they did w Lolo.

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My John Lewis Girl



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What do you want from your job?

Getting the jitters about going back to work post maternity leave? Well a couple of weeks ago I had my first Keeping In Touch (KIT) day. In my case I went back in and explained what I was looking for when I returned to work. I’ve had my second and intend on no more so I proposed my plan of ‘full speed ahead’ for my career. I know I’m gonna cry anyway so why not try to achieve something good career-wise. Of course theres the age old dilemma of: mum’s being overworked, so now people look to help gently get them back in, which leads to mum’s getting frustrated they aren’t getting any challenges. Why can’t you have a juicy bit of work and still leave at 4.30pm to go pick up the kids? Lord knows mum’s tend to be v efficient at work because they know they have a hard stop.

Today I have a two day training course, away from home, over night. At 5.30am I woke wondering if I should wake the smallest up to breastfeed. He’s been with me every single day of his life. I worry he’ll be sad and wonder where I am. I already miss him. But I thought, no. It’s just a couple of days, he takes a bottle, he might miss me a bit but he can be distracted at the Childminders. A touch of perspective. He’ll be ok and I want to be early. It was a weight of my shoulders as I walked out the door at 5.40am. But I still miss him.
Of course I do.

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9.5 months: Wave if you’re…

AJs been doing lots recently. So proud of him. This week he started waving. A very deliberate wave, twisting his hand at the wrist like the Queen. It fills me with an unusually large amount of glee. The crawling is fab, he can now crawl over my legs. I’m now trying to teach him the right way to get off things I.e. on his tummy, backwards. Then there’s the standing and the cruising which is coming along nicely. He’s in everything but thankfully because of Lolo, the house is pretty kid friendly. I say that but we had the scare of our lives last week when Charlotte pulled out all the drawers from our very wide chest of drawers. Hubby had to run over and prop it up as it started toppling over and almost crushed both children! Not a laughing matter but not really her fault. Thank goodness for Athletic dads!

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Kiddie Fashion: Next Jelly Shoe

Oh yes people. Spring is here, summer is approaching and we’re off on summer hols soon so we have picked up these ace jelly shoes, complete with glitter, ready for the sand and water.



From Next

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Rub a dub dub

There were two in the tub.

I had forgotten when we started letting Lolo bathe on her own. I was trying to remember as I was trying to figure out when we’d be able to put Lolo and AJ in together. Thus far it’s been w either daddy or mummy in the bath with them. A full house shall we say. Two weeks ago I went to Birmingham to see a friend and her girl of two. It was just AJ and I and it was overnight as I could not face doing the trip there and back in one day. We arrived at the dilemma of bath time. I have no issues w chucking them both in… but obviously I couldn’t get in the bath too. So, we took a bold step. AJ went into the bath for the first time without mummy or daddy… and not even with Lolo, but with another girl!
All was good. He was a bit unsure to start but eventually got used to it. Back home now he and Lolo tend to bathe just the two of them although I must admit there have been a few heart stopping ‘under water’ moments.

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