2 & a half years and 5 months: CenterParcs, Weaning, Christening & Halloween

Both Lolo and AJ hit a milestone the middle of this month. Lolo became 2 and a half and AJ became 5 months old.

Lolo. She had a little gathering for Halloween. We played find the pumpkin (tangerines with faces painted on them), pin the star on the witch (Room on the Room blown up large and stuck onto the fridge), colouring in a room on the broom stencil and apple bobbing (that was the plan but we never quite got round to it). Find the pumpkin was a hit! It was an all day affair with grave yard trifle for the kids and wine for the parents ;)

She’s about to have her 2.5 year assessment. We’ve gone through the list of things she’s supposed to do and I think we’re good with all of them except for putting her own coat on – although we’re in training for that. It’s amazing how motivational a carrot (or in this case a Haribo strawberry) can be. Her speech is coming along well and at last I can put her hair up in a pony tail!

Little AJ’s doing well too. We started a tiny bit of weaning at 4 months. But in the last 2 weeks he’s had Coq au vin (with quite a bit of vin ;), beef stew, salmon and the thing that surprised me, my home made curry (a cross between a Malaysian Rendang and normal Indian curry). He wolfed it down despite it containing a little bit of chilli. The last two days have been the beef stew days and I’ve been pretty amazed at how well he throws himself on the spoon. He’s been eating at least an eggcup-ful of stew over the last few days. Bearing in mind this is a baby that has had a bit of bread dipped in sauce here and there, he’s all of a sudden ramped up to a decent sized portion twice a day! I hadn’t realized this phase would arrive so soon! Looks like its time to start making little portions at every meal.

Last Sunday we had his Christening which was lovely. In the local family church shared with another girl. He was trussled up in grey herring bone trousers with braces, a lovely white vest with collar (White company darling!) and a tiny pair of grey brogues to finish off the look. He looked beautiful. And both kids were really well behaved in the church. AJ had his mouth to the vicar’s microphone however so when it came to the water being poured on his head, he sounded particularly loud. Then off to a local mini castle/monument for a bit of lunch. What a lovely day. We were very proud parents.

Two weeks ago we went to CenterParcs which was great fun. We all had some kind of illness. Hubby had a 24 hour bug with fever and vomiting. I then caught the fever (39.2 don’t you know) and then got a blocked duct, not mastitis just a lucky coincidence. Both kids got seriously chesty coughs and I think AJ got a touch of the fever too. But we soldiered on and by day 4 most things had subsided – AJ’s was the last to go. So we managed the swimming – Lolo loved the water slides. AJ eventually got to dip his toes in the toddler pool on the last day. We had a fantastic time with lots of home cooked meals, walks, deer at our patio door on the first night and squiggle (squirrel) watching.

In other news he’s sitting up quite nicely but still with support. No rolling or crawling yet. But who cares, we’ve been getting some nice 12 hour sleeps out of him recently. He’s also been babbling really nicely, answering our talk and questions with little baby-talk phrases. Too cute. Can’t believe he’s 5 months already!

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4.5 months: starting to sit up

Very early days but here is a picture of the little man starting to do a little sitting by himself


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Happy Halloween



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2 years 5 months: drawing

proud mummy moment number 2. Gorgeous little Lolo has moved on from random scribblings and has started colouring in in concentrated areas


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4.5 months: Weaning

This makes me very proud. His first proper mini meal. We’ve been having little bits of bread here and there but this morning AJ polished off a cm’s worth of Readybrek porridge.


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4 Months: A little bit of weaning

Today we got him in the Jumperoo for the first time too – overall excitement!

I can’t tell you exactly what’s made me do it but I’m getting the sense AJ’s ready for a bit of food. 6 months feels a bit too late and by the time he gets there I think there’s this pressure that now, now you start weaning and all these changes are made. I felt the same way with Lolo. And they tell you not to start weaning until they are 6 months old so you let their digestive system develop properly. Back in my hubby’s day they started at 4 months and it doesn’t seem to have harmed a generation. I must admit I’m not completely up for baby led weaning – or maybe this is it?!

Truth is it’s just a feeling. Or maybe the fact he sometimes wakes during the night – only this time I’m conscious it might be lack of food related – especailly since he’s become expressely breastfed. My mum told me a trick that her mum taught her years ago. That to help a baby feel less hungry even from a super early age that you give the baby a grain or 3 of very cooked semolina (or maybe she meant porridge/oats) and it helps them sleep through the night. Well with this in mind I’m taking it easy w AJ in the belief that even the tiniest amount of actual food will fill him a little. This way he can be introduced to new flavours and foods and his digestive system can get used to having something other than my milk passing through it. 1st taste was a single grain of cooked rice. Last week it was a few grains of pearl barley and a tiny bit of mushy carrot (all came out the other end in a similar form lol). Today it was toast for the 2nd time. I’m a bad mum – there was butter on it too so he had wheat AND dairy all in the same go. He seems fine though and has slept very nicely this lunchtime. I have to admit after the first few pieces and once he remembered how to use his tongue to get the food in rather than push it out, he started literally launching himself onto the toast (soft squidgy bit of top layer, put on my finger). We may have a winner. I remind myself not to get too zealous with feeding him even though he shows me he’s keen, you know, just in case. I tried Readybrek but he didn’t seem like a fan, but I will try again. Oddly someone said it seemed brave feeding him something that’s not pureed into infinity as his first foods. I just figure the bits are small enough that he won’t choke on them, so why not give it a go. Doesn’t seem to have been a problem so far.

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4 Months: The mass exodus

It started about 2 weeks ago, but now it is in full throttle.

When I was pregnant with Lolo my hair was super shiny & never fell out, nails never broke and my skin was much drier. Same thing happened with AJ although my skin didn’t dry out as severely. After the birth however things started to change. Nails are super brittle. Skin has gone back to its normal balance but still drier than before I’d had Lolo. My hair however is the biggest change. It’s as if whilst you’re pregnant you’re body’s thinking – ‘right folks, we’re giving all the vitamins and good stuff to the little people so we’ve gotta look after what we have’ (major flaw in this theory when applied to nails – but stick with me ;). But once they’re out it thinks – ‘hang it all, let’s get this party started!’ Like it’s trying to make up for all the time it’s spent looking after itself by going on a major purge. So it’s with some sadness that I admit my hair is falling out – large! Brush before shower. Lots dropping when washed. Brush after shower. With Lolo it started at 5 months but with AJ at 3.5 months. I hate finding hair – wet hair especially. So this seems to be the final insult! My hairdresser asked last month if I wanted to take out some of the weight from the bottom of my hair? Me, ‘no, keep it, as it’ll all start falling out soon’. And no sooner had I uttered those words…

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