2y8m & 7m: kids sleeping in the same room… the fun has begun

Your spidey sense tells you that putting two kids in the same room when they’e both so young is something that may face some challenges. For almost 2 weeks it has been going well and both hubby and I feel like new people. Although Lolo is often still awake for a while after we put her down and can sometimes be found playing cards, yes you heard me correctly, cards by his cot. She has once fallen out of bed, heavily whilst reaching for her toys in the toy box (she can reach them from the floor so not sure what shenanigans she was pulling when she fell). Generally playing in their room after he’s gone to sleep. I worry because of course I don’t want her waking him and us having a fun night of trying to put two kids to sleep.

Two nights ago, AJ refused to settled nicely as he normally does at night. We’ll have dinner, a bath and then he’ll fall asleep on the breast normally by 7pm. But that night he woke up properly as I was putting him in his sleep sac and putting him on the last breast. Then Lolo started playing up. Eventually after letting him cry out for about 10 mins he fell asleep. Lolo – not that happy, not that she remembers or cares the next day.

Last night we found Lolo in his COT! YES IN HIS COT! Hubby tried to put her down first as she was playing up and tired (and should have fallen asleep). AJ came in as he’d fallen asleep on the breast at 7.20pm and was being transported to his cot in their room. … 9.45pm people! Hubby goes to check on her and she is IN his cot at one end and he is on his haunches, propping himself up with his arms – face to face, interacting. There was no crying by AJ, I guess in a way they were playing. Hubby told her off and put her to bed. 5 mins later I hear her talking loudly and messing in his room! Mummy’s turn. She was yanked outta there and given a talking to. She’s pretending she doesn’t know why she was in there etc but that’s really not ideal. She does not need to be waking the little man who’s been doing so well at night. He settled pretty fast and actually after this telling off she stayed in bed and passed out.

Today as a visual sign that she is not to do that again, her toys will be removed from her room. This threat is bigger than it appears as she plays in the living room more than her room. We’re also going to try to miss out her nap during the day so hopefully when it comes to bedtime she’s actually tired and most of this messing about will disappear! (wishful thinking)

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2 kids & the Natural History Museum

So I’ve kind of decided that I need to do a bit more stuff with the kids. There are two now, one is 7 months old with a calm temperament (AJ) and the other is 2 and a half and is as wild as a hurricane (Lolo). So you can imagine I approached this challenge with trepidation.

Results? Not bad. We left home around 9am, just as AJ was thinking about his morning nap. We took the car almost to the station, and then with AJ strapped to my chest and Lolo in the buggy we paced off to the DLR. We got on, parked the buggy, Lolo was released from the buggy and sat in a seat, AJ was put in the pram for nap time. All going smoothly for now! He slept for the rest of the journey which was great, I had to manouver the buggy but apart from that I could concentrate on Lolo. My initial worries were; crowded trains, Lolo running away, two crying children and stairs and escalators. Thankfully the route I’d plotted all involved great lift access so it was easy to get around.

We arrived, grabbed some early lunch and off we went to the Natural History Museum! Our friend Arwa took charge of Lolo thankfully and took her to see all the cool stuff whilst I followed close behind with AJ on my left hip, feeding him an avocado and ham sandwich and pushing the pram… with my third arm. AJ had an awesome time looking at new stuff and getting very full. Lolo enjoyed seeing all the different animals, skeletons, the big blue whale, Dippy Dino, loved playing with all the buttons and levers… and the one thing I tried to get her to remember, the Dodo. Total attention span, I would say from entry to the museum, approx 1 hour and a half. By 2pm AJ was having a mini melt down as he’d been up for a while and there’d been a lot to take in. Lolo also decided that now was the time to start saying ‘no’ a lot and to run around like a headless chicken for a bit. Approx 2pm we left as I knew we had a long journey ahead esp if I wanted a seat on the DLR before people started to pile in. We went to Stratford so I could get a seat, AJ woke up and needed breastfeeding. I always find it feels a little odd/brave on public transport. Anyway all was well except at the last moment… Lolo fell asleep on the DLR. ARGH! So I had an awake AJ in one arm, I couldn’t go get the sling as I couldn’t leave Lolo alone as we were on a moving train so in the end I carried her under my other arm. There I was, two kids, one under each arm, moving train. You’ll be happy to hear we made it safely off the train and all the way home. Most impressively I think was how good Lolo was on the train and that she listened to me. I thought she would be running away! But no. She listened when getting on and off trains (I really did worry I’d either lose the pram or her as the pram requires 2 hands) and was very good navigating the underground with me. It was a very physical day, but a good one.

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Last night: 2 nights in a row… a new lease of life

2nd night of AJ sleeping in with Lolo.

Last night was ok. For us at least. He went down at 7.15pm, we heard nothing when we went to bed at 9.40pm… and then… nothing …..        until 6.15am

Was he quiet all night? Lolo reports that he was. However when he cried this morning during breakfast Lolo put her hands over her ears. This says to me that generally she has had enough of hearing him moaning/cry. We’ll give her a bit of respite this weekend I think and get her in with us for a couple of nights as a treat to say well done and to let her catch up on sleep if she needs it.

However all in all, I felt pleasantly surprised this lunchtime when I realized that as AJ was asleep … in his new room – I could have a shower in our room! This is a luxury as normally when he’s asleep it’s the time I can do things, except for in our room. But now I can reclaim our room; I can enter our room, put away dry washing, tidy our room, have a shower. It genuinely felt refreshing today to be able to go in, pootle round the room tidying up and open the windows and curtains!

Overall it’s also felt amazing to have had 2 solid night’s sleep. I like this. Fingers continue to be crossed.

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7m & 2y8m: About last night and that BCG

So sports fans. Quick update. Yesterday was a pivotal day as AJ moved in with Lolo. AJ is now 7months and has been sleeping through the night for many months BUT he’s a noisy sleeper which keeps me up and once or twice a week he might have a proper cry off. Truth is I’m exhausted and need my sleep and he’s fine. I am of course worried about him waking our daughter up and all the fun and games that could happen.

Well, last night: he went down at 6.50pm as he’d had a long day. Bit of a cry and comfort at 7.30pm and that was it! We didn’t hear him again til 6.45am! :) Lolo must have been woken by him at one point as his monkey ended up in the cot with him before we arrived at 6.45am but that’s ok. We’ve had the talk with her about putting things in his cot, the rest we need to hope for the best for. I trust she’s sensible enough not to do anything silly. On the point of Lolo, she seemed fine this morning, not particularly tired, upset with him or distressed so hopefully it was a successful night all round. I on the other hand could not get enough sleep. My hubby said it was like I was dead. Covers were off (I like to be warm) and I didn’t move all night from 9pm til 6.45am.

Today we also had the fun and games of a BCG. Hubby took him to the appointment as I’d had to see the Dr at a different appointment. Apparently there was nothing. A bit of a look of discomfort and he started wriggling a bit but that was it – no crying! Now we have the 6month scab that never heals to look forward to. We’ll see if there are any other symptoms. Fingers crossed.

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7 months / 2yrs 8months: What have we done

It’s been a time for change of late. The biggest has just this moment happened. We have moved AJ into Lolo’s room. Holy ****. What have we done.

Moving him into his own room would be ok but moving him in with Lolo comes with a few risks. The whole reason he needs to leave our room is that we as parent’s need our own space back and to be honest, I wake up at his every murmur, whether it’s crying or moaning. AJ is a noisy sleeper so even if he’s slept the night, chances are I haven’t. Also for the few times he does wake up in the middle of the night , he needs to be away from us because all we want to do it pick him up, kiss him, rock him etc. I haven’t fed him at night for months now and the only time he wakes – well, who knows why he wakes. But he needs to figure it out and us messing with him is not helping him do this. Is it a little mean on Lolo? Tbh maybe a little but I’m hoping this waking/moaning will be a short spell. Most of the time she seems to ignore him anyway so I’m hoping her coping mechanism is better than mine.

Now of course we risk:

  • Lolo getting woken in the middle of the night
  • Her reacting and putting things in his cot
  • HER waking him up
  • HER coming into our room in the middle of the night!

Well you know what? It’s gotta happen sometime so we may as well crack on. He’s weaning well so his tummy is full of food and milk. He’s able to roll and prefers to sleep on his tummy so that seems to be more comforting. We’ve been getting him to sleep until a decent time (instead of 5am he’s now shifted to 6.30am), but instead, like a trapped pocket of air under a sticker, by removing the 5am wake up he seems to have started waking between 11pm and 2am. It doesn’t happen always and most times its more moaning and he’ll go back to sleep but, for example, last night he was very awake and crying and of course this is the part you worry about for Lolo. But… I need my solid sleep back. I wonder if things are about to get a whole lot worse before they get better – we’re scared, lol, but I’d rather do it now and let the dust settle than just before I go back to work. One less big change for him to cope with when I do. Other mini change? He took about 50ml of formula yesterday. This gives me hope as he’s refused a bottle for almost 5 months now.

All moving along so relentlessly. Love you little man.

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7 months: Get w the program kid!

I’m a routine girl, I believe that all kids get there in the end and I believe it’s good for my sanity. We have a gorgeous son but whereas his sister cracked the sleeping during the day thing, he’s struggling. Let me explain:

He sleeps during the day – no worries and he sleeps in his cot which was the 1st issue we had a few months ago. Now he’s cracked that I turn my attention to his long nap during the day and his early start. He’s doing lots of things right! He goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps nicely through the night. He wakes at 5am has a bit of milk and then on til 7am and sometimes 8am! He also has a nice hour long nap in the morning… so it’s all great but we’re not quite there yet.

His long nap: he needs this to help him get through the afternoon. Without this he needs a late afternoon nap and has a bed time of 8 or 9pm. Currently his lunch sleep is only an hour and it means I have no break from him and he becomes very needy in the afternoon. So, he sleeps for an hour, wakes, we don’t pick him up until after he falls asleep again. If he sleeps 1.5 hours or 2 hours then of course no problem, but at the moment he needs to cry-out before he links the first part of his nap with the second.

5am wake up: He sleeps through the night so I shouldn’t worry, right? Well it’s not really a worry but I’m pretty sure he’s waking now out of habit and I really don’t want to still have a kid 5 years old waking at 5am PLUS he should be going into Lolo’s room soon and I don’t want him waking her up. He’s on solids now so he is eating very well and still drinking a lot of milk and water throughout the day so I know he’s not starving. Oddly he used to sleep til 6 – 6.30am and then we’d just start the day but since he was ill over Christmas he seems to have reverted to 5am… and sometimes it’s 4.30am. Not cool. So, we’re letting him cry and fall back to sleep til he wakes around 7am.

The crying: Yes of course it is horrible. I hate it. But I AM looking forward to the life I will get back, getting enough sleep and this hard bit doesn’t last forever. I honestly don’t handle 5am or 4.30am wake ups very well and I have to go back to work in 5 months so this needs sorting now. I am also thinking that as he practices crying out twice a day in the mornings at 5am and during his lunch nap, that he’ll get used to linking his sleep out faster. This time we persist until it get’s sorted.

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2.5y: Lucky us

Hubby told me in confidence the other day, ‘you know when we were having that ‘heated’ debate?’ I nodded. I was ratty and tired that day. Hubby had Lolo up on the stool at the kitchen counter. ‘Well she found the very small sharp knife and cut an apple in half to eat’.

Mixed emotions to be honest. My most dominant one being; ‘oh my God that’s amazing! She’s so smart!’ And then fluctuated along the spectrum, ‘s@@@ that could have ended REALLY badly, she could have cut her finger! Stabbed herself!’. And ‘why weren’t you keeping an eye on her’ and, ‘did I leave the knife by the edge?’ We’re always careful about keeping things away from the edge just in case. Just shows you you only need to take your eye off the ball the once.

Bottom line. We were very lucky. Lolo. thank you for being a smart kid and not damaging yourself, fluke or otherwise.

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