15 month Update AJ teeth n chat

It’s been ages since we’ve had an pdate. AJ is developing well. These last two months we’ve had a lot of baby talk. Not just aimless babble. He’ll point at something and say ‘look’ or sounds to that effect. It definitely sounds more like ‘look’ now. There’s a specific noise for aeroplane, tree, Yaryot for his sister. ‘Boo’ for ball and similar for balloon. yesterday hubby was showing photos to AJ and asking, ‘where is…’ his sister, mummy, daddy etc. And he would point and say ‘there!’ So cute. Along with the language development I have, just this week been trying out instructions and to my shock he’s completely been carrying them out! Instructions such as, ‘please take the socks to the wash basket’, ‘Please put the paper in the bin”, ‘please take your cup to daddy’. Its fantastic! So easy to forget how fast they learn things and how they are more capable then we give them credit for. 

Last point are his teeth. He waited ages and then got 6 all at the same time; the front 4 on the top and the front 2 on the bottom. He’s looked like a hamster for ages. Well, at last, after about 4 months, he’s getting another 5 at the same time. 4 of his molars and 1 of the front bottom teeth he’s bend missing. This is great. I whole bunch of new food experiences for him. And he loves his food anyway. I feel an adventure coming on. 

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3yr child car seats: the rolling head

There are times when you just can’t bear to see them struggling anymore. In these carseats that don’t recline all their heads can do is roll off into their laps or their whole bodies lurch off the chair. Sometimes I try to help. But sometimes it’s not enough. This was poor monkey under her chin. It helped for 1min… but daddy was driving. Enough said. Ahahahah.

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1y 2m: cot to bed

I remember with Lolo, we started practicing having her sleep in her bed, rather than her cot, quite early. It’s a completely different experience from a cot of course because a) they can’t escape, so letting them cry out is easier, b) they have nothing to play with whereas in bed they can get out and play with everything and c) i seem to remember there was a sense of safety about the cot, it took her a while to get used to the freedom. Of course you also need to stop them rolling out in the middle of the night. With Lolo we started at about 1.5 years because AJ was coming and i wanted her to not resent him kicking her out of her cot. This time round i thought I’d get him a bit more used to falling asleep in a bed because it takes so long to do and because we’re getting into a siper cute habit in the evenings of Lolo, AJ and mummy all chilling in the bed together before bedtime and ONE DAY I’d like us all to snooze together.

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it’s so hot! what to wear?

What do you put small children in during the hottest days of the year!? It’s tricky mainly because it’s not just plain hot… it’s changeable and is cool in the morning, baking in the afternoon, a bit chilly in the shade and blah blah blah. So normally I go for short sleeves and hoodies. But today it was just hot. I picked both kids up from the Childminder’s this evening and they were just sweating! Well thankfully for us we have an Amazing Fashion House (uhem, Tescos) nearby. So today the kid’s wardrobe got a mini spruce up, after all the two days of summer may end after tomorrow!

Some sleeveless tops for AJ and canvas-y type shorts (can you spy the mischevious little foot trying to get in on my display?) to keep it all light and breezy.

Resulting in two new cute outfits… 

And how about Lolo? I’m normally a dress w shorts or MC hammer pants  and t-shirt mum. Today I bought her her first proper pair of shorts. Very pretty

Making a lovely outfit

and because we live in a green house and Lolo is a particularly hot kid I also picked up some light weight pyjamas



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Keeping kids busy: Urban Butterflies

Yup. Cut slits in fruit and add wings. I used foiled paper.



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And on a lighter note


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1st Day. 1st Week.

So. How was my first day. My first week? I want to be candid but certain people read my blog. Ha!  Must be careful!

First day. I didn’t feel overly welcomed which is sad and disappointing but I’m a big girl, so let’s move on. 

The rest of the week has been better. Even though I had to wrangle the kids single handed on my first two mornings, they did well and so did i. I took my time with them Tuesday. Wednesday was similar but we were at the childminder’s by 7.30am which is a personal mini victory. I think that’s the difficult bit. Mornings aren’t horrendous as long as you have enough time to do everything… never rush the children! Lol. Then the rest of the 4 days I worked this week, mainly I felt like a grown up. Everyone’s at Cannes this week so actually it’s a great week to come back as it’s a bit calmer. The wonderful part is having lunch you have not prepared yourself and… Reading the Stylist. Oh yes, it has been missing from my life (especially love the top picks page). I had my first late night on Wednesday, it was odd but not as bad as I thought. Thankfully I’ve had a few night’s practice at not being there for bedtime so I didn’t feel overwhelmingly guilty. With Lolo, the first night I worked late after mat leave with her, I had called her to say night night. She was so cute on the phone that i started crying whilst stood in the queue at Chilangos (great mexican food). This time, no call. But i did spend an extra hour with them in the morning. Today is Friday and hopefully we’ll be finishing on time! 

It’s been toughest on me I think. The kids don’t really care although on the first morning AJ hugged me a little too tight, a little too long. I cried at the childminders and another two times before I’d even got on the train to work. I care. And I love them a little bit longer and stronger. Two cute kids. So proud.

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