3y5m: oh button button, who’s got the button

I spend ages trying to teach my kids stuff. Some I know they’ll eventually learn on their own, but most stuff i like to give them the opportunity to learn by me showing them. Having learned they can often do a lot more than we give them credit for – if you give them the opportunity, I do try. And of course which parent doesn’t enjoy their kids developing?

Well it is w great pleasure that I can say at 3years 5months, Lolo did up her own button today, all by herself. Sure I helped with the first 4, guiding her on where to put her fingers, but on the last one, she had no mummy involvement whatsoever. There was much whooping and hollering. I’m hoping this now given her the confidence to keep practicing. She’s growing up! Sniff.

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1y4m & 3y5m: getting ready in the mornings

I remember when Lolo was little. The thought of needing to sort her out singlehandedly in the mornings before work, filled me w dread. How the hell are you supposed to get out on time? How are you supposed to get out at all?! During Mat leave it’s easier in a way. You can always have a shower and get ready during their morning nap. When they’re 1 and you’re going to work, you need to wash yourself and get dressed. In the meantime you have a baby who in our case could walk, didn’t yet understand the concept of dangerous and so you almost needed to create a safe environment, by the shower where you could see them and wash. Juuust manageable except you leave clothing them to the last minute so they don’t throw up on you, or themselves or soil a nappy just as you’re walking out the door. As they get older it’s a bit easier. 

Fast forward 1 year and there’s a newborn which constantly needs help and a 2 year old who’s just figuring out how to put certain items of clothing on herself. This was a mission. Really happy I was on mat leave as getting out of the house, including the tantrums from both as neither particularly enjoyed getting in the pram so I could drop Lolo off at the child minder’s, was tough. I won’t say it was hideous, but I will admit it was super stressful.

Thank God things change. We’re at 1 and 3 now, and Lolo has started getting dressed herself. It’s a God send. I still tend to shower with them in the bathroom so I can see what manner of no good they’re up to. But they seem to occupy themselves nicely. Lolo, I’m comfortable if she’s roaming around the house but AJ, I like him nearby as his awareness ain’t so good yet. He tends to play with the grippy dots (like mini bath mats) that I stick to the side of the bath. It leaves just enough time for me to wash myself and my hair without too much stress. We then all go have an Aptimel and a cracker. Then as I go change AJ, Lolo gets herself dressed. She even puts on her own shoes, which have a buckle! Very proud. Then off we go to the car. 

There is hopešŸ™‚

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1y4m: Hitting

We’re having a tricky time. AJ is hitting at the child minder’s. He is 1 year and 4 months. He does not learn to hit at home from any of us. No one at the child minder’s hits. I wonder where he’s got it from. There was one incident when he joined at the very start. The other baby, a few months older than him, Ethan, gave him a good whack on day one. AJ did not like this at all. For days after that, he saw Ethan and pretty much ran the other way. Both kids are actually lovely kids – no idea what got into them. Then one day, AJ just whacked him right back, unprompted. I wonder if he’s learned that if he’s physical first then he can assert himself? Over to any child psychiatrists who fancy enlightening us?

I don’t know, but it’s not great. I have spoken to a few different people who have boys who have said quite often this is the way boys are, they have a different energy from girls. Lolo is quite high octane, but he just seems to throw himself into and ‘at’ more things with more blind gusto. I also take that with a pinch of salt, as I still believe you can teach kids manners. I do think it is a bit of a phase as I remember Lolo going through something similar but I do not remember it lasting this long. I think he will grow out of it, just when, before a big kid whacks him one I hope.

The big question of course is how do you help teach him it’s wrong. How do you discipline? OrĀ do you even discipline? If you discipline does this make it more of a thing, something he gets more attention from, are we fuelling his fire? I’ve tried smacking his hand a couple of times; if you do it lightly he thinks it’s hilarious and just laughs (, cutely – its really annoying / you can’t helping laughing with him) and if you do it hard so he’s uncomfortable, well I just think that reaffirms to him that hitting is ok. The other methods of telling him no, over and over again don’t seem to work, so we’ve resorted to time outs. He’s a social (cheeky) butterfly, so removing him socially hopefully will change his behaviour eventually. It’s just so looooong. And you pick your battles but I just can’t be bothered to have this argument with him 20 million times a day, I’d rather just ignore it. And oddly enough he doesn’t really hit me. Sometimes he tries but I dodge him before he gets to me, I say no and then he tends to put his hand out to stroke me/my face/my nose gently. It’s everyone else that seems to get it the worst. But, I would feel upset if someone chose to ignoreĀ if their kid was hitting, so I choose to do something about it. But I’d much rather wait for it to blow over. Discuss.

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1y4m: Baby talk

Friggin love it. Love when they start talking. You know they’re saying something because there’s context to it and from that you start to understand the words they’re forming. The blinders we had this last week were ‘thank you’ (although I suspect it’s ‘ta’), ‘please’, we’ve also had ‘look’ as he points, ‘there’ and one of my favorites, ‘I did that’. ‘Mi!’, is ‘milk’ at the moment. He does a lot of ‘wow’ which fills me w joy, every time he gets something he likes, which seems to be often. 

It’s just wonderful and a sign of progress. Of course it feels like it’s a long time coming but if I think about it, he’s only a year and 4 months. It’s crazy how fast they learn stuff. What amazes me most, back to the original point, is that the words are used correctly and in context. I’m amazed their little brains don’t explode. First they need to try to understand the word they hear, figure out when it’s appropriate to use and then remember both that and the sound it makes in order to repeat it. And of course the words aren’t fully formed yet but as you see them start to appear, it’s like magic!

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1y4m: Managing Impetigo

Don’t ask. It’s grim. Read up about it here. All you need to know it’s a bacterial infection on the skin and apparently kids get it a lot. I remember a dear friend of mine, you know who you are, complaining she had impetigo on her face and that her leg was about to fall off (not literally). She took antibiotics for it and that was it – but every spot was impetigo! It was amusing. Now my son has actually had it, i’m not so sure her ‘spot’ was, but what do I know. Anyway, the 1st time he got it, it looked like his finger had been dipped in boiling oil, the tip of his finger was a blister like he’d burned himself. By the time he got it on his 2nd finger and the 1st finger nail looked like it was about to fall off, hubby took him to the Drs. It was impetigo and he needed antibiotics. Now, I’m not hugely precious but I seriously consider when I need to take antibiotics, let alone if I need to give them to a baby. But tbh his fingers were very bad, it was all getting worse and I really didn’t want him losing a nail over this. So, he took antibiotics.

He didn’t get on well with the antibiotics. 4 times in 24 hours, we tried to space it out during his waking hours, which, when I’ve done this myself, left me with a very sore tummy, as I’m sure he would have had. He did not enjoy taking it, he puked. He really refused and struggled and in the end we used all manner of bribes. At this same time he also managed to get some diarrhoea and vomiting. Brilliant timing. The down side was he wasn’t really eating. I remember I took his top off to get him changed and I could see his little ribs and his stomach was flat. I felt so sad. All I could think of was to make sure he was well hydrated (even if it meant giving him squash) and to feed him anything higher calorie so, I resorted to biscuits. Hubby made me laugh, he said ‘look he’s feeling fine if he’s eating biscuits!’ I said people will eat biscuits no matter how they’re feeling. We slowly fed him (and the rest of the family) up on Digestives and Hobnobs.

Anyway after a week of antibiotics he seemed fine, but it would seem he’d given it to his nanna. During this time, AJ had also given myself and hubby the dreaded D&V, so we handed him back to the grandparents for one day and… I think he may have got reinfected. Oh yes. He had a massive welt on his back that he started scratching red raw. I was just a bit lost tbh. He’d had teh antibiotics – wasn’t this all supposed to have gone away? I really couldn’t put him through it all again. He hated it and I couldn’t bring myself to wipe his little immune system out again. Interesting fact, did you know that Impetigo can go away on its own after a few weeks without treatment? Well, after reading that I decided to:

  • Hibiscrub him (always read the instructions!) to sterilise him, the open sore and to make sure it did’t spread everywhere else
  • First few days Lolo didn’t share a bath with him although I think her 3 year old immune system was doing well at rebuffing the infection
  • Constantly kept washing our hands after contact especially with the wound
  • Filled him up with pro-biotic drinks and little vitamins
  • Applied some pretty wicked, second skin, Hydrocolloid dressings which stopped further wear if he scratched and promoted healing – it stayed on for about a week!
  • Dressed him in baby vests so he couldn’t actually get to the sore

After the plaster came away we left it to the air and the sore is almost gone! No antibiotics, huzzah! It would seem it IS possible to get rid of impetigo without antibiotics!

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1y4m: From sac to duvette!

Who really knows when it’s the right time to do certain things with your kids. AJ’s been drinking Actimel out of the pots on his own without spilling for the last month, but I know much older kids that still struggle with drinking out of normal cups. It’s just one of those things where he was unwell and instead of drugs I gave him pro-biotics and good bacteria. He learned to drink from an open topped cup by default. Same with most things, needs must and different things happen at different times.

I find I difficult to remember when certain things happened for Lolo. I do however remember her hitting a time when she was younger, when she just refused to stay in her sleep sac. She’d stretch out of it, pop the poppers, I’d find her quite chilly in the mornings, not that she’d notice. Just us. So this time, one night when I walked in to check on AJ as I could hear he wasn’t sleeping, and he handed me his sleep sac, I decided to take the hint. On one hand you want to keep them in a sleep sac for as long as possible as you think they have no self awareness when they’re little and they’ll; suffocate under it, tie themselves up in knots, push it to the end of the bed and freeze. But as with all these things they need to learn. So I let it go. I took the hint. And I swapped him to a duvet cover there and then. And you know what happened? He started sleeping longer in the mornings. I have no understanding as to what on earth’s really changed, but all I can tell you is that since we swapped earlier this week, he no longer wakes at 5.45am as he’s been doing these last few months, he’s been up with his sister at 6.45am or sleeping even later! The duvet is much warmer than the sleep sac and I think he was starting to feel quite restricted by the sac. Especially when he got himself toward the top of the sac, you know where the shoulders strain because they’re about to burst out? Who knows eh? You’ll be glad to hear he’s not suffocated or frozen to death. Good times.

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15 month Update AJ teeth n chat

It’s been ages since we’ve had an pdate. AJ is developing well. These last two months we’ve had a lot of baby talk. Not just aimless babble. He’ll point at something and say ‘look’ or sounds to that effect. It definitely sounds more like ‘look’ now. There’s a specific noise for aeroplane, tree, Yaryot for his sister. ‘Boo’ for ball and similar for balloon. yesterday hubby was showing photos to AJ and asking, ‘where is…’ his sister, mummy, daddy etc. And he would point and say ‘there!’ So cute. Along with the language development I have, just this week been trying out instructions and to my shock he’s completely been carrying them out! Instructions such as, ‘please take the socks to the wash basket’, ‘Please put the paper in the bin”, ‘please take your cup to daddy’. Its fantastic! So easy to forget how fast they learn things and how they are more capable then we give them credit for. 

Last point are his teeth. He waited ages and then got 6 all at the same time; the front 4 on the top and the front 2 on the bottom. He’s looked like a hamster for ages. Well, at last, after about 4 months, he’s getting another 5 at the same time. 4 of his molars and 1 of the front bottom teeth he’s bend missing. This is great. I whole bunch of new food experiences for him. And he loves his food anyway. I feel an adventure coming on. 

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